Galit Roichman

A screenwriter and cinema lecturer. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Literature from Haifa University and a Master’s degree in Cinema Studies from Tel-Aviv University. Ms. Roichman has written two screenplays for a children’s TV series and is currently writing a script for a feature film. She lives and works in Tel-Aviv and is a member of the Israeli Academy of Film and Television. Ms. Roichman has also gained rich experience in Jewish education in Israel and the Diaspora. The fields of Israeli cinema and Jewish education are both interlaced in her lectures, examining the changing face of Israeli society in films and television. The lectures combine watching and analyzing clips from documentary and feature films. Lectures are given in Hebrew or English and are specifically tailored to the audience in terms of themes, content, and format.


  • Her-story verses His-tory: the changing role of women characters in Israeli cinema.
  • Tikkun Olam: Israeli cinema as a mirror to Israel’s “backyard”.
  • Between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem: the holy and the secular capitals of Israel through the cinematic lens.
  • Jewish peoplehood: a cinematic journey in the footsteps of Jewish communities around the world.

*More topics can be discussed with the speaker. She can tailor a lecture to your needs.

Languages: Hebrew & English

Webinar or Visit? Both


  • Lecture in Israel: 2000 NIS + tax (not including travel).
  • Lecture abroad: $950USD for a single lecture, $850USD for 2 and more lectures (not including travel & accommodation).
  • Webinar: 1900 NIS + tax