Ilana Laderman Mushkin

Born in the USA, Made Aliyah at the age of 11. Raised in Jerusalem. Resides with family in Hod Hasharon
BA Film and Television Department. (Tel Aviv University.) M.A. in Interactive Media (Middlesex University)
For the past 15 years, Ilana develops software and programs in Educational Innovation and Technology, in Israel and overseas. Mentors principals and teachers throughout Israel works with Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Education Authorities. Recently established TA’AL – a startup company developing software applications for the cognitively disabled.
As a Social and Religious Pluralism activist, Ilana holds senior lay leader positions in NGOs devoted to Pluralism in Israel Society:
*Chair of the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary for over 5 years.
* Chair of the National Meitarim Network for Pluralistic Jewish Education – with over 70 schools throughout Israel – for over 4 years.
*Currently a leading member of the Free Avera Mengistu Committee, seeking the release of a young mentally disabled Israeli Jew, born in Ethiopia who is being held by Hamas in Gaza, since 2014.
Board member of Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies, Games for Peace, Sephardi and Mizrahi Heritage Center and Museum.
One of the founders of the Hod Hasharon “Yedid Nefesh” Masorti Synagogue


  • Religious and Social Pluralism in Israel
  • The Israeli Education System created a fragmented society. What can we do to change it?
  • Where the Startup Nation culture meets Israeli Education
  • Social Activism in Israel including lessons learned from the young Israelis of Ethiopian Descent.

Languages: Hebrew & English

Webinar or Visit? Both


Overseas: Travel, Board, and Lodging + contribution to one of the above mentioned NGOs.

Webinars: one-off lectures – $150 for a 40-minute webinar

Online lecture series in the above topics (3 sessions with written material and 3 webinars) – $1800