Masorti Kibbutz Hannaton


Founded in 1983 as a Masorti kibbutz, Kibbutz Hannaton in the Lower Galilee, is presently undergoing a move to become a “kibbutz mitchadesh” (a revitalized kibbutz).

It will maintain some of the cooperative and social elements of the original kibbutz system, while implementing some fundamental changes including a differential salary system and home ownership. The kibbutz is committed to communal responsibility, social awareness, environmental conscientiousness and spiritual consciousness.

An energetic, committed group of twenty, mostly-young Israeli families have elected to join the now privatized kibbutz in the coming year or two, with plans to absorb an additional thirty families during the next few years. These families will live on Hannaton, but most will be employed in jobs outside of the kibbutz.

Location & name

Hannaton (in hebrew: חַנָּתֹן, חנתון‎) is located twelve kilometers north of Nazareth in the Galilee region. Kibbutz Hanaton lies to the west of Tel Hanaton, in the western end of the Beit Netofa Valley. The area of the Tel was occupied from the Bronze Age through to the Ottoman Empire (ie. from about the 34th century BC through to the beginning of the 20th century AD). Hannaton is also close to the northern slope of Lake Eshkol a 4.5 million m3 reservoir which Hanaton overlooks at the end of the Beit Netofa Canal. The entrance to the kibbutz is on the west side of route 784, which runs between the kibbutz on one side and the Tel and the lake on the other, and continues south through Yiftahel Junction to the Carrier Junction where highways 77 and 79 cross the National Water Carrier.

The biblical name Hannaton appears in the Book of Joshua (19:14), where it is listed as the area of the tribe of Zevulun, forming the border with the tribe of Asher’s area. The name appears in the Masoretic Text with a dagesh in the nun, which, by many transliteration standards, should be spelled in English with two n’s, thus Hannaton. However, in its early years, almost every English document spelled the name of the kibbutz as Hanaton, so both spellings are now common.


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The Betty and Rabbi Simon Greenberg Educational Center

Today, the main source of income in the kibbutz comes from Hannaton’s Educationcal center. The educational center provides a wide variety of programs and seminars to local Israelis and visiting groups from outside of Israel. Mainy of the groups stay in the center’s lodging facilities. Masorti / Conservative groups form a significant part of the groups who visit Hannaton for an educational program.

Pictured above is the Betty and Rabbi Simon Greenberg Educational Center and the inside of of the lodging rooms. Each of the rooms is spacious, and holds six beds with linens and towels, air conditioning unit, en-suite bathroom/shower, and a beautiful view of the Eshkol Reservoir and the Lower Galilee (also pictured).

Rabbi Yoav Ende was appointed rabbi of Kibbutz Hannaton and Director of the Hannaton Educational Center in July 2008.

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The keystone of Kibbutz Hannaton is the integration of Jewish ritual and spiritual life, education, values, ecology, environment and Zionism. Through the scope and variety of activities in the community, members will be involved in a comprehensive and pluralistic community life based on living Masorti Judaism.

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Contact Hannaton

Mailing address : Kibbutz Hannaton, D.N. Hamovil 17960, Israel
Central phone number: +972 4 905 9601
Fax: +972 4 905 9602
Email Rabbi Yoav Ende (Kibbutz Hannaton’s Rabbi, Spiritual Guide and Director of the Educational Center)
Email Naomi Freedman (North America contact & MERCAZ USA Shlicha)