Kibbutz Hannaton In The Press

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JTA_wandering JTA – January 2010
Kibbutz Hannaton was the winner of JTA’s Where should we send The Wandering Jew?contest, meaning that Ben Harris spent some time meeting people at the kibbutz. He published a number of articles from his trip
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JPost Jerusalem Post – January 2010
Haviva Ner-David writes in the Jerusaem Post about her Life after Madoff and moving her family from Jerusalem to Kibbutz Hannaton.
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NPR NPR article – October 2009
In Israel, Kibbutz Life Undergoes Reinvention. Lourdes Garcia-Navarro from National Public Radio looks at the kibbutz movement in Israel which has been struggling. Many kibbutzim have been privatized, others abandoned. But from the ashes, some Israelis are trying to branch out and take the old movement in a new direction.
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maariv Ma’ariv – September 2008

Israeli daily newspaper Ma’ariv reported on the agreement for Hannaton to become a renewed kibbutz. Read Ya’akov Lazar’s article in Hebrew.
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haaretz Ha’aretz – January 2009
Rabbinical duo leads drive to revive Conservative kibbutz. Ha’aretz’s Raphael Ahren looks at the work of Rabbis Yoav Ende and Yonatan Sadoff in revitalizing Kibbutz Hannaton.
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