The Zionist Calendar

Listed on this page are many major events in our Zionist history. We hope you will find it useful for educational programming opportunities and to plan specific events in your community calendars

01/30/1882  BILU is Founded
02/10/1922 Yarzheit of Aaron David Gordon (z”l)
02/11/1986 Release of Natan Sharansky
02/14/1896 Publication of Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State)
02/15/1948 First Publication of Ma’ariv
02/17/1949 Chaim Weizman is Sworn in as the First pPesident of the State of Israel.
02/27/1920 Yarzheit of Joseph Trumpeldor (z”l)


03/01/1906 The Bezalel Art School is Opened in Jerusalem
03/06/1890 Rehovot Founded
03/10/1949 War of Independence Ends
03/14/1920 Establishment of the Haganah
03/23/1915 Establishment of NILI
03/26/1979 Peace Agreement Between Egypt and Israel
03/28/1932 First Maccabiah Games


04/01/1925 Inauguration of Hebrew University on Mount Scopus
04/01/1890 “Zionism” Term is Coined
04/11/1909 The City of Tel Aviv Founded
04/11/1961 Trial of Nazi Leader Adolph Eichmann
04/25/1976 Re-opening of Hadassah Hospital
04/25/1982 Sinai Peninsula Returned to Egypt


05/14/1948 4th of Iyar – Israel’s Memorial Day
05/15/1948 5th of Iyar – Israel’s Independence Day
05/14/1949 Israel is Officially Accepted into the United Nations
05/17/1939 The British White Paper
05/18/1951 Operation Ezra and Nehemiah
05/18/1965 Execution of Eli Cohen (z”l)
05/24/1991 Operation Solomon
05/30/1948 Israel Defense Force (IDF) is Established


06/05/1967 Six Day War Begins
06/06/1967 Yom Yerushalayim
06/07/1945 Opening of Zim Lines
06/08/1981 Israel Air Force Destroys the Nuclear Reactor in Iraq
06/17/1946 Night of Bridges
06/22/1948 The Altelena Sinking
06/25/1882 Rishon L’Zion is Founded


07/03/1904 Yarzheit of Theodor Herzl (z”l)
07/04/1976 Entebbe Hijacking
07/22/1920 Keren HaYesod Founded
07/24/1922 British Mandate Established
07/28/1934 Yarzheit of Hayim Nachman Bialik (z”l)
07/05/1950 Law of Return Passed


08/05/1927 Kibbutz Me’uhad Founded
08/06/1911 Degania Founded
08/07/1955 Bar-Ilan University Opens
08/07/1970 The War of Attrition Ends
08/17/1949 Herzl’s Remains Brought to Israel
08/22/1976 The Good Fence Opens
08/29/1897 First Zionist Congress


09/01/1951 Blockage of Suez Canal
09/06/1972 Munich Massace at Summer Games
09/07/1906 David Green Arrives
09/10/1944 Jewish Brigade Established
09/13/1993 Declaration of Principles Signed in Washington D.C.
09/19/1988 Ofek 1 Launched
09/11/1946 Negev Established with 11 Settlements


10/10/1945 Palmach Raid
10/22/1903 Gymnasia Herzlia Established
10/22/1973 Resolution 338
10/26/1994 Peace Agreement Between Jordan and Israel
10/22/1922 First Census in Palestine
10/30/1991 First Peace Talks with Palestinians
10/30/1902 Publication of Altneuland (Old-New Land)


11/02/1898 Herzl’s First and Only Visit
11/02/1917 Balfour Declaration
11/04/1995 Assasination and Yarzheit of Yithak Rabin (z”l)
11/08/1949 Operation Magic Carpet
11/08/1948 First Census in Israel
11/09/1952 Yarzheit of Dr. Chaim Weizman (z”l)
11/19/1977 Anwar Sadat’s Historic Visit to Israel
11/11/1969 Ben-Gurion University Opens


12/01/1931 The Jerusalem Post Founded
12/06/1953 David Ben Gurion’s First Resignation
12/09/1987 First Palestinian Intifada
12/10/1966 Nobel Prize in Literature for Israeli/Jewish Writers
12/15/1961 Adolph Eichmann Sentence and Execution
12/16/1970 The Leningrad Trials
12/16/1991 Anti-Zionist Resolution of 1975