Rabbi Sandra Kochman

The first female rabbi to serve in Brazil, SInce 2008, she is the Masorti Olami’s coordinator for weddings and Giyur.


  • State & religion in Israel from a Conservative point of view
  • “Azarat Yisrael” at the Kotel, an egalitarian prayer as a symbol of the Conservative movement campaign (with other organizations) for Jewish Pluralism in Israel
  • Women of the Bible: Lilith & Eve, Sarah & Hagar, Rivka, Rachel & Leah, Dina, Tamar, Women of Exodus, Devorah & Yael, Daughter of Yiftach, Ruth & Naomi, Esther & Vashti
  • Women of Halacha
  • What is permitted? Tallit, Tefillin, Minyan, Kadish, Kiddush, Reading the Torah, Shlichat Tzibur etc.
  • A mechitza – yes or no?

Languages: Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese

Webinar or Visit? Both

Cost: Travel expenses