New Olim from Latin America enjoying Mt. Hermon

Aliyah means ascent or going up – the return of the Jewish people to their homeland. Aliyah has been one of the fundamental principles of the Zionist movement since late 19th century, with a peak of nearly one million immigrants in the 1990’s. Someone who “makes aliyah” is called an oleh (m. singular) or olah (f. singular), the plural for both is olim.

The General Idea of Aliyah

Making Aliyah is a complex process, which requires significant adaptation to a new country, language and culture. A special guide on the Israel government website presents all you need to know towards and after coming to Israel, with special emphasis on the extensive government assistance provided to new immigrants.
Making Aliyah requires advance preparation. The Jewish Agency for Israel has compiled a list of arrangements to be made abroad beforehand, in order to make the move between countries as smooth as possible:
Nefesh B’Nefesh makes the aliyah process easier for immigrants from North America and UK. For more information:

For the Masorti Guide to Aliyah click here

Masorti Aliyah
If you are interested in finding out more about aliyah, please contact our Conservative / Masorti shlichim (emissaries) who can help you with the process and assist you in making contacts with Masorti congregations and communities in Israel:
Latin America Yoel Schvartz [email protected]
USA Naomi Freedman [email protected]
UK Reli Israeli [email protected]
Click here for Link To Israel, the website of the Conservative Movement’s Aliyah Committee, operating under the auspices of MERCAZ USA.
To connect with the Masorti Movement in Israel and with other Conservative/Masorti olim from North America living here, contact Rabbi Paul Freedman, Director of the Israel Commission for USCJ [email protected] or
To connect with Masorti olim from Latin America, contact Lucas (“Pato”) Ledjerman at Marom Olami: [email protected]

Aliyah Stories
To learn a little bit of the lives of Conservative Jews who have made aliyah, please follow the link. This will be a guide to learning more about the personal experiences of people living in Israel now.
Click here for a report on recent Masort olim making aliyah to Kibbutz Hanaton.
Click here for more aliyah stories from Link To Israel, the website of the Conservative Movement’s Aliyah Committee

Jewish Agency Global Aliyah Center – General Website Link
The Jewish Agency’s Global Center offers people from around the world with a comprehensive information service on a wide range of Israel-related topics.
Services include:
1. Information about tourism, Israel programs, academic options, work experience, employment, housing, Israel living and more.
2. Registration for Israel experience programs or Jewish Agency activities in Israel or abroad.
3. Aliyah processing and advice from anywhere in the world.
4. Full aliyah counseling and processing, employment, housing, Israel services.
5. Personal assistance in aliyah, absorption and integration into Israeli society.
6. Individualized solutions and group activity; expert days.
7. Providing answers on any Israel-related questions.
Operating 22 hours a day, six days a week, (except for the Sabbath) Global Center representatives will answer your questions in English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Dutch, Farsi, Portuguese and Hebrew. They will help, refer, advise and direct you with every question, you or your clients may have.  We look forward to hearing from you!!
Click here for the Global Center to contact you.
Click here to access all Global Center numbers.
Or send us an email: [email protected]