Rabbi Peretz Rodman

A Jerusalem-based rabbi, educator, writer, and translator who has spent over four decades interpreting Jewish texts and traditions in many settings and many media. Peretz has taught in elementary schools and graduate schools. He has worked as a rabbi with mega-synagogues and tiny congregations from the U.S. and the U.K. to China and East Africa. He has been on the faculty of two rabbinical seminaries and a sabbatical institute for Catholic clergy, and he has taught at a Lutheran theological institute. He has translated books and articles from Hebrew to English and published columns and articles in both languages in numerous magazines and newspapers, in two encyclopedias, and on websites. His research on the teaching of the Hebrew language is cited in academic publications. Born in Boston and educated there and in Jerusalem, Peretz has spent most of his adult life in Israel. He and his family have made Jerusalem their home since 1990.


  • State & religion and the status of the Conservative / Masorti movement
  • Different approaches to Jewish Identity of religious groups and Diaspora Jews and Israeli Jews  Modern Intelectual History
  • Zionist and non-Zionist thought
  • Reading Biblical text through the lens of conflict management
  • A Literary analysis of the siddur
  • Hidden poetry in the siddur

Languages: Hebrew & English

Webinars or Visits? Both

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